We are starting to offer some new postcards with appealing borders which focus viewer’s attention on what ever titling is wanted on the front and then detailed custom and personalized messaging on the back.   Here are examples of the front side borders with different titles:

So on the front you can have the title you want in an attractive border to grab the attention of the viewer.  Now for the backside:

What do we mean by custom message on the back ?

Simple.  We will print what ever message or detailed information we can fit on the card.

What do we mean by personalized ?

We can change the message on the back to include different names or other information you want changed to on each card to make the message more personal.  It has been shown many times that cards are more effective when just the name of the person is used within the card message.

To take advantage of the personalized card service simply use our inquiry form and we will respond on how to get started.