Okay so what is special ?

In a nutshell:  Order a minimum of 500 cards with the same design on the front and we will change what we print on the backside as often as you want at no additional charge.

So, how can you benefit from this ?

You get a custom postcard design on one side that:

  • grabs attention with photo color graphics (which we will design for free from your instructions)
  • highlights your business’s #1 benefit offered to your customers
  • develops a recognizable branding for your business through repeated receipt

Then you will be able to change what is printed on the backside of your postcard for as small a quantity as you want for no additional printing or design charge.

You get the benefit of low cost per card pricing offered at our 500 quantity price, while actually receiving custom card design and printing on the backside of the card for as low a quantity as you desire.

Each custom backside printing can be targeted to focus on many of the other individual benefits your business offers.  For example, here are a list of benefits we came up with that a restaurant might want to highlight to customers:  ( read more on this at this link )

  1. Let customers know about a new entre
  2. Send a happy birthday wish and give a birthday discount gift
  3. Let customers know you just got new menus printed
  4. Entice customers to take advantage of a new special
  5. Remind customers of the romance of eating out together
  6. Give a two for one or 50% off discount for early birds
  7. Let customers know about a new desert
  8. Save your customers the stress of fixing their own meal
  9. Customers should know how you can help with special occassions
  10. Show pictures of your food, your ambience, and smiling faces
  11. Remind them that your location is easy to find and close by
  12. Let them know the care you put into healthy meals
  13. Send your customer’s a regular discount coupon on your postcards
  14. Tell them to come to your web site to see the daily special

Wow, a card design that will develop a recognized branding with my customer and will still allow me to highlight fresh special offerings on the back without incurring additional design and printing costs!

So if you are interested in taking advantage of this special to create a custom effective postcard advertising campaign for your business, all you have to do is to tell us you are interested by using our inquiry form.  We will respond by email back to you and ask you for instructions on what you want on your design.

It costs nothing to get started and there is no up front commitment.  We just start working on your design and you place an order for 500 or more cards after you confirm we have a card design on the front the way you want it.

It is kind of a no brainer good deal for any business looking to grow their business with postcard advertising.