Success!  Increase  sales and the number of referral leads by using a simple follow up idea.

Here is a story about one of our Insurance Agency customers using our personalized service.

This agency has around 20 insurance agents.  Each of these agents are working leads to find new clients.  As they work the leads, they find they need a set of  thank you postcards to stay fresh in their client’s mind.    They decided to create a set of standard messages for the thank you postcards to make the follow up easy.  That set is:

  • Thank you for your business
  • Thanks in advance for your business
  • Thanks, I will be contacting you when you application is processed
  • Thanks for the referral
  • Custom message

We developed a quick and easy to use customized online system where each agent can log in their client’s information, select the message they want to have sent or submit a custom message.  We print and mail these out for the agency on a weekly basis.  Each postcard has an attractive photo front and the name and contact information for the individual agent on the back side.

These postcards deliver a personalized message with a few embedded fields from the client information entered and including a short custom message field.  he Insurance Agency has found this to be an important way to followup with clients, and they also use it as a way to differentiate their sales service to the Insurance Companies they broker.

At Sedona Digital Print Service we are ready to set up similar services for other Insurance Agencies or other businesses which might benefit from follow up with their customers. We believe there are many types of business which could use this service and we can quickly develop a customized solution for your business needs.

Here is a simple form to let us know you are interested:


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