What ever the sports season, folks like to receive some sports schedule information.  This can be especially important when you have a local team you want to show support for.  It is one way of showing support for the area you live and work in.  Always a plus for any small business.

For example you might live in a collage town.  Why not present the schedule for the college teams for football on one postcard, for basketball on another postcard, for baseball on another postcard, and more on your postcards to promote your business.

Here is an example of a card we printed for one realtor in which she offered the schedule for Monday Night Football on the front.   Some of her prospective customers will keep this and share it because it has useful information.   Therefore, her cards will get more exposure.  Curiosity will keep people looking at the backside.

frontside –


It is just an example of a useful promotional postcard design.

We are ready to start a design of a card like this for your promotion.

Use our inquiry form to send us a note that you are interested and we will start working with you.   We do not charge for design services!

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