Michael asks…

Anyone know a good place to print cheap but cute birthday party invitations online?

I want to design something simple and cute to print and have shipped soon in the next week or two. I don’t want to spend a fortune but don’t have the time to make anything myself. Any good websites or ways I can do this (on the computer- want to order and have printed- can’t print at home). Don’t want to do anything by hand. I also don’t want a photo card– I know those are cheap though.

Any ideas are much appreciated- Im running out of time. Thank you so much!

Sedona Brad answers:

With the birthday postcards offered at InvitationMania.com on the following link you can save money on postage by using 4×6 postcard postage and I can offer you a 20% discount on any order.   Use this link to see the birthday invitation cards and ask for the discount code when you start you use the forms on the site to start your design.

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