Our Economic Stimulus Discount

Here is a new service advantage for direct marketing postcards – we are offering to help small businesses with small budgets to take advantage of direct marketing postcards during our economic slowdown.

We are offering small businesses that want to explore direct marketing postcards, to try our services at a huge discount.   Small businesses that decide to participate can purchase as few as 100 postcards at a time and we will supply these for $0.36 a card.  That is equal to our 500 unit quantity pricing.

That is not all!  We are going to include addressing with this price.  That is an additional  $0.19/card savings.

In other words, instead of paying our usual price of $1.02 per card for 100 4×6 postcards printed and addressed, we are giving it away for $ 0.36 per card.  That is about a 65% discount.

So what do you get ?

  • Free design services for custom attention grabbing full photographic color front side of postcard design created from information you send by email or using our submission form.
  • back side of postcard can be changed with each minimum order of 100 cards.
  • back side design can include some color at no additional charge, but no full bleed or photographic images.

What are the constraints ?

  • only good for 4×6 sized postcard
  • front side design cannot change through campaign
  • minimum order of 100 cards per back side design

Thats it !   You get a gigantic discount on custom designed small quantity postcard orders which you can mail out to:

  • find new customers or clients by introducing them to your business
  • make new offers to returning customers
  • send out ads on sales
  • introduce new products and services
  • issue discount coupons for your products and services
  • mail invitations to an event your business is having or participating in
  • ask for feedback on what your customers would like your business to offer or how your business is performing for them
  • communicate some useful tips for your customers to appreciate
  • deliver a greeting like: “Thank you for your business”

Just about anything you might want to communicate from your business to your customers, you can use a custom postcard to do it.  Like any advertising, the key to successful postcard marketing is repeated communication.  One big advantage in “not changing” the front side design of your postcard is brand recognition.  The repeated sending of the same front side design builds up an instant identification of your business.

After a customer takes advantage of what you communicate in one of your postcards, he will be looking for that next postcard to take advantage of, and he can recognize it easily because it has the same front side design.

These are things that big businesses know and can afford to send out large quantities of postcards repeatedly.  A small business might not be able to afford large quantities right from their start, so our economic stimulus postcard program makes it affordable to just about the smallest of businesses and still be able to continue their other marketing efforts.

One idea, A dental, medical, financial, insurance office might use this method to slowly build up your customer base.  Send out to 100 new prospects each month.  Those that respond, place on a customer list for repeated communications.   This idea could also be used for automotive maintenance services or any restaurant trying to build up their steady customer list.

If you are interested in this offer and want to get started, then let us know by using our inquiry form.   If you are interested, but you have questions, please use the same inquiry form send us your questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.