Nancy asks…

What do you think about postcard advertising?

Do you think post card mailing are an effective way to promote products?

Sedona Brad answers:

Yes I do, much more effective I believe. Smaller, less bulky, short, sweet and right to the point.

Carol asks…

What’s the response rate for postcard advertising?

What’s the response rate for a postcard marketing campaign with 5000 being sent out. Do you have any tips or offers that might increase response rate. We are in the deli/catering business. Thank you!!

Sedona Brad answers:

Try to get your postcards out to wherever you can, and especially to places where you think your customers would be going. From what I’ve heard, you are considered very lucky if you get a 2% – 3% return percent for your ads. Get a good graphic design to do these postcards to grab peoples’ attention, make them pick up your card first.

Sandra asks…

Good idea for Seniors Advertising Postcard?

I work at a small newspaper and we often do supplement issues with specific themes, Seniors being one of them. We make up postcards to send to advertisers to get them to buy ad space. Every single time we end up resorting to using a stock photo of an older couple with type over it. Anybody have a fresh new idea of what we could put on the front of the card to entice people to advertise with us?

Sedona Brad answers:

Your customers are not seniors they are the advertisers that are looking to target seniors. Why not use a postcard that states more with text and facts on how your newspaper is doing a senior showcase and get your message in front of 10,000 seniors in the metro area etc. I don’t know your specific senior readership of your newspaper but i would position it like that. I work for a newspaper as well and that is something that is overlooked at times. Right now your customer is the prospective advertisers so they may not look at the senior picture and get interested as opposed to statistics of targeting that demographic. Hope that helps 🙂

Betty asks…

Will you pick up free postcard advertising in museums, cafes, or movie theaters?

What does it take for the ads to grab your attention? How many will you take?

Sedona Brad answers:

I have so many of those. I collect images, as I’m an artist. So I grab anything that I find interesting.

It could be a really good photograph, interesting use of colors or images. Or just a really clever idea. I literally have hundreds of those postcards.

Paul asks…

Does free postcard advertising seen on cafes and bars work for you? Will you pick them up?

Sedona Brad answers:

I really like the free postcards. They are often very unique and fun. I will pick them up. Though, I won’t pick all of them up, just the ones that really catch my eyes.

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