We are now offering a series of themed based blank postcards. These blank postcards have completely blank back sides and theme based graphic designs on the front. The first themes for these cards are Christmas Vintage and Holiday Greeting.

Some advantages of using this type of card over a full custom card for your greeting are:

  • No photograph is needed ( most of the custom cards we do use photos supplied by our customer)
  • Backside can still be customized to say just what you desire.
  • Some of the front side designs offer areas to place a custom greeting and/or graphic.
  • Can be purchased in quantities as few a 10 for $ 4.60
    ( That price is lower than our custom card pricing for printing a quantity of 250 4×6 sized postcards. )

Every think else works the same way as with a full custom card.  The steps are:

  1. Select which holiday greeting postcard front side design you prefer.
  2. Describe what greeting you want on the front of the card and back of the card.
  3. Use the form to send us your information and instructions.
  4. We create a draft design and send you a link to review it.
  5. We will continue to make changes until you approve of the design and are ready to place a printing order.

There are 5 card designs to choose from on each of the first two themes.

Here is the Santa for Christmas Vintage theme:  (designs for traditional holiday feeling)

A larger view of each card can be seen by clicking on the card.

Santa in his Sleigh 001
Jolly Santa in his Sleigh 001

and here is the first one for Holiday Greeting theme:  (elegant designs allowing personalization on front and back)

Blue Christmas Bulb with greenery 001
Blue Christmas Bulb with greenery 001

Consider taking advantage of these blank postcard theme cards to make your customers feel appreciated this holiday season.