If you are part of a small business team that tries their best to successfully service your customers and make them happy then think about this simple idea to help with that effort. Most customers that are happy with a business like to be appreciated by hearing from the businesses they do business with. They also like to see familiar faces.

The idea is to create a photo collage of the smiling faces of your small business team on a postcard. Then use the photo collage postcard to send:

  • a Happy Birthday greeting and a thank you for your business message.
  • a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year greeting and a thank you for your business message.
  • Messages could be sent around many holidays.

The idea is the customer sees the smiling familiar faces from the business and receives a thank you reminding them of happy feelings about doing business where it is appreciated.  The probability that this customer will return to do more business soon is far greater by this simple amount of effort.

For a small 4×6  photo collage postcard this idea works best for small businesses with teams of 10 to 20 people maximum.   The more smiling team member photos the smaller the photos need to be.   Here is an example of 11 photos on a postcard collage:

photo collage postcard with 11 photos

Although this postcard would be targeted for a Christmas greeting, the greeting on the from could be a Happy Birthday greeting, or it could left off the front in order to allow the photo collage to be used for many different occasions.

The photos could be photos you take of your team members while they are at work.  Or, you could go on a fun outing with the team and take some photos while the team is having fun.

This idea really delivers a double positive for the business.  The customer would enjoy receiving the appreciation greetings but also the business team will feel appreciated for having their photos used to promote the important work they do for the business.

If you like this idea and would like to create a business team photo collage please send us an inquiry using the form on this link.

We are ready to help you take advantage of this idea.