Rack Cards Designed and Printed – Sedona

Rack cards like postcards are simple yet very effective means for many businesses to advertise.  They are used heavily in the travel industry to advertise accommodations, restaurants to eat at, tours and tourist activities.  The rack cards are available for people to pick up in advertising racks which are in common sight in high traffic places like airports, motel lobbies, restaurants, rest stops, etc.   

One location in Sedona that has a high amount of traffic from prospective customers picking up rack cards for businesses they want to know more about in Sedona is the Sedona Chamber of Commerce visitor center.  For Sedona Chamber of Commerce members we are offer a discount on our rack card design and printing.  If you are a Sedona Chamber of Commerce member, please visit their website to learn more.


The typical standard size for a rack card is 4 in. x 9 in.

Rack cards are designed for quick consumption, typically conveying all of their information in a glance whereas posters and fliers must be read. A rack card is designed to grab the consumer’s attention and pique their curiosity so that they will seek out more information about the establishment being advertised.

Here is an example of a rack card we designed and printed for a lodge in Arkansas:

side 1

rack card to advertise lodge

side 2

rack card for accomodations advertisement

In creating a Rack Card design the first thing we need to understand is what is the #1 goal of the rack card design. Is it to create a phone call to your business, a visit to your business website, make the customer visit your business, or …  We will emphasize that main goal in the design.

We recommend using lots of photos to communicate what you are offering at your business. More people are visually attracted than attracted by details in text. The text though needs to make sure it offers information on how to contact your business.

Standard Rack Card Pricing: 
(includes our design service)

    Rack card
4 x 9 Rack card Quantity  Price/card
  1000 or more $ 0.31
  500 $ 0.41
  250 $ 0.71
  100 $ 0.99
  50 $ 1.18
  25 $ 1.38


Pricing is for double sided printing, we will
give a 10% discount for single sided printing.
Payment by check, credit card, PayPal, and
calling in payment are all supported in this shopping cart.


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