100 Postcards a Month Postcard Marketing Campaign

We are offering a new 100 postcards per month mailing service to help new small businesses grow.

We Design It, Print It, Get the Address List, and Mail It
to bring you new customers!

Included is:

  • A list of targeted addresses is acquired to mail the cards to.
    ( list target is set to Zip code, Type businesses, or other demographics you give us )
  • A custom 4×6 postcard is designed according to your instructions which can all be supplied by email.  We design an online reviewable draft which can be changed until you approve.
  • After approval of design we print the cards and mail the cards to 100 addresses in your targeted list.
  • We mail an additional 100 each month until you want us to stop or the address list is exhausted.
  • You can choose at that point to repeat the mailing or make changes or have us acquire a new list

We are offering this 100 postcards per month program to give businesses with small advertising budgets a manageable way participate and take advantage of benefits of postcard marketing.

Postcard Marketing Benefits for your business:

  • Postcards Work for Any Business – even can be used for internet business promotion
  • Designing Postcards is Simple and Uncomplicated – and we make it even easier – just send us an email telling us what you want.
  • Printing Postcards is Easy and Inexpensive – you will find our printing prices to be very competitive.
  • There’s a Special Low Postage Rate for Postcards – $0.29 vs $0.44 for standard envelope item.
  • Postcards Nearly Always Get Read – they are hard to ignore vs an item in an envelope.
  • Postcards Nearly Always Get Read – usually produce sales activity 2-3 days after mailing.
  • Postcards are effective for Generating Web site Traffic – postcard do not usually make the sale but are used to create interest and give information on where to learn more.
  • Postcard Multiply Themselves – are easy to handle and are often passed on to others.
  • Markets Can Be Precisely Targeted With Postcards – mailing lists can be targeted for those that have the greatest interest in what you have to offer.
  • Postcard Marketing Results Are Easy To Measure – normally postcard advertisements generate over 90 percent of their total response within 7 to 10 days for quick evaluation of results.
  • Postcards Put You in Control of Your Sales Activity – boost your sales by sending more postcard advertisements.
  • Postcards Conceal Your Marketing from Competitors – this is not mass media advertising where everyone gets one, it is targeted media advertising.


Our price for this all in one inclusive offering is: $ 167.97 / mon

If you were to mail the cards out yourself and buy what we have included in this package this separately would add up to:

– $ 83.00  for printing 100 custom postcards ( not including S&H )
– $ 29.00  USPS postage
– $ 15.00  for addressing  ( estimate )
– $ 20.00  for 100 addresses from a list service ( estimate )
 $ 147.00  grand total


We think it should be worth at least $20 to have us do it all for you ?


If you are interested in this offer please let us know by submitting the following form:

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