Birthday Greeting Cards Service

Attn: Customer Appreciation is Good Business. We make it easy…

Have us Send Happy Birthday cards to Keep your Customers Returning and Giving Your Business Referrals ?

A time saving service which rewards your business by making your customer’s feel appreciated.

If you need to keep your customers feeling good about returning to your business… If you need your customers to enjoy doing business with you so that they recommend your business to others… then you need the system we offer here !

You Work Hard for Your Customers

Customers are not easy to get and are not easy to please. As a business person you work hard to get your customers and you work hard to keep them. If you are like most business people, you probably feel you just do not have any extra time beyond what you are already doing to make sure your customers are very pleased with your business’s products and services. So, you might feel you just do not have time to cover the little things that make a big difference in exceeding customer expectations and hence developing long term super satisfied returning customers.

Additionally, super satisfied customers become your most effective sales force by telling other potential customers how happy they are with what you and your business offers. A referral by a satisfied customer is probably the most effective advertisement a business ever has.

So, what are those little things you do not have the extra time for to exceed customer expectations ? How about sending them Happy Birthday wishes. Most folks just do not allocate the extra time to collect their customer’s birthday date, set up a reminder system to remember their birthday, buy a birthday card, and send your happy birthday wishes to the customer to exceed his expectations and let him know you appreciate him. With all the things we have to do to just make our business run as smoothly as possible this extra special additional action can make a huge difference. Why can it make a huge difference? Because it is an action that can differentiate how the customer feels about doing business with you versus doing business with someone else. Recognition Matters! and it will return more business.

By using our service all you need to do is communicate your customer’s birthday date and his mailing address and we will take care of sending out your happy birthday card wishes.

How does it work?

  1. Decide you want to use our service and select one of our Happy Birthday greeting postcards to use for sending to your customers.
  2. Then communicate to us what you want the back of your Happy Birthday greeting postcard to say. The back side of the postcard can be customized to identify you, your business, and what ever greeting you want. You might want to include a special birthday offer which will help you measure the effectiveness of your cards.
  3. After we have your approval on the backside design we are ready to receive your list of customer birthdays and mailing addresses.
  4. We will take care of mailing your cards out 10 days prior to their birthday.
  5. We will also send you an email confirmation for each mailing.

So after setting up your customized happy birthday greeting postcard and receiving your mailing list of customers, you do not have to use more of your valuable extra time on this effective method to exceed customer expectations. Set it and forget it … and the system works for you letting your customers know you appreciate them and therefore keeping them as long term satisfied customers.

What are some of your concerns and questions ?

  1. Can I afford it? I might ask first can you afford not to use some system to show customer appreciation ? The cost on this one is lower than purchasing happy birthday cards from a local stationary store and then you still have to send all the cards yourself.
  2. I can just send the birthday cards out myself. You could, but the real issue is will you? Since most business folks are just as busy as they can be, very few are able to find the time to send out happy birthday cards to their customers. Here is a system you can be sure of.
  3. How hard is it to make a custom card ? You can send all your instructions by email. We take your instructions and create a design which we put on a web page for you to review. As you review the design you can submit changes or confirm your approval. We do all this work for FREE. The only time you pay is when we start mailing out your birthday greeting cards to your customers.

What kind of assurances are there for this service ?

You do not have to invest anything upfront to have your custom backside for your cards created. There is no long term commitment required, so you can quit the service at anytime. You receive an email notice for each mailing, and you are only charged for cards after they have been mailed to you customers.

Our current pricing for this service is $0.97 /card which includes a customized backside design & printing, postage, mailing, and no volume commitment for how many cards you want to send.


Lets get started!
(A larger view will pop up by clicking on any card)

Start the process by selecting one of the following card designs for the front:

Happy Birthday card 001
Happy Birthday Card 001 – champagne

Happy Birthday card 002
Happy Birthday Card 002 – balloons

Happy Birthday card 003
Happy Birthday Card 003 – candles

Happy Birthday card 004
Happy Birthday Card 004 – cake

We can customize the back as you want it
This example is just for information:
standard birthday greeting postcard backside example
standard birthday greeting postcard backside example

Many more cards are planned to be added for your selection.

Use this link: for custom birthday card fronts and backs


Now just send us your selection and instructions for what you want
by using the following start form:

[vfb id=5]

PS: Don’t pass on this opportunity to make your customer’s feel appreciated! There is no risk.

If you do not want to use one of our card mailing services please consider using our FREE design service and have us design and print your cards for you to send.