Thank You Postcards

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Attn: Customer Appreciation is Good for Business. We can help make it easy…

Thank You Postcards that can be Personalized for your Business

Thank You Postcards help keep customers returning to give you more business because they feel appreciated.  Not only are customers more likely to give more business to a business they feel appreciated at, but they are also more likely to refer others to your business. Just common sense!

We are offering the below five Thank You postcard front side designs which can be customized with what ever information you want to say to acknowledge you value your customer’s patronage. You might want to include an invitation to have them back again.

Some other ideas to add to your Thank You:

  • To show our appreciation for your business please bring in this postcard for an xx% discount on your next purchase
  • or, bring in this postcard and receive a mystery gift!
  • or for a restaurant give them a coupon for… 1 free meal of equal value for one meal you purchase.

Hopefully one of these ideas will create an idea in your mind of what would be an acceptable and fitting your business.

You Work Hard for Your Customers

Customers are not easy to get and are not easy to please. As a business person you work hard to get your customers and you work hard to keep them. If you are like most business people, you probably feel you just do not have any extra time beyond what you are already doing to make sure your customers are very pleased with your business’s products and services. So, you might feel you just do not have time to cover the little things that make a big difference in exceeding customer expectations and hence developing long term super satisfied returning customers.

Additionally, super satisfied customers become your most effective sales force by becoming evangelist to telling other potential customers how happy they are with what you and your business offers. A referral by a satisfied customer is probably the most effective advertisement a business ever has.

With all the things we have to do to just make our business run as smoothly as possible this extra special additional action can make a huge difference. Why can it make a huge difference? Because it is an action that can differentiate how the customer feels about doing business with you versus doing business with someone else. Recognition Matters! and it will return more business.

 Advantages of using one of these blank postcards for your Thank You instead of having us do a full custom card:

  • cards can still be fully customized in what they say
  • these cards can be purchased in quantities as few as 10
  • pricing on these cards is $0.46/card even if you only purchase 10
    (this card price is lower than our card price for buying a quantity of 250 custom 4×6 postcards)


Lets get started!
(A larger view will pop up by clicking on any card)

Start the process by selecting one of the following card designs for the front:

thank you card 001
Thank You Card 001

Thank you card 002
Thank You Card 002

Thank you card 002
Thank You Card 003

Thank you card 004
Thank You Card – Champagne 004

(This new design will allow us to customize the printing on the front white area. The “Thank You” printed on the front side example can be changed and any text added with it.)

Thank you card 005

Thank You Card – Thank You for Your Business 005

We can customize the back as you want it
This example is just for information:
standard thank you postcard backside example
standard thank you postcard backside example

We can also address and personalize greetings on the backside with your customer’s name for just $0.06/card additional if you can supply your addresses in a spreadsheet. Please let us know if you are interested in this.

The way it works:

  1. Select which holiday greeting postcard front side design you prefer.
  2. Describe what greeting you want on the front of the card and back of the card.
  3. Use the below form to send us your information and instructions.
  4. We create a draft design and send you a link to review it.
  5. We will continue to make changes until you approve of the design and are ready to place a printing order.

Now just send us your selection and instructions for what you want
by using the following form:

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Click on the down arrow and Select the Thank You Postcard front you want:

    Instructions for what you want the back of your postcard to say:

    Please let is know if you have an image or logo file to send:

    Yes - have image or logo to sendNo - image or logo to send

    When we know you have an image file to send we will reply with a link on how to send your file.

    If you have a file you would like to send now please use this field to select it:

    Please put enter the letters in the following image into the field beside it:

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    PS: Don’t pass on this opportunity to make your customer’s feel appreciated! There is no risk.

    If you do not want to use one of our card mailing services please consider using our FREE design service and have us design and print your cards for you to send.