Card Mailing Service Adds Value to Business Relationships

Attn: Sending Cards to Customers is Good Business. We make it easy…

Mailing Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards, and Holiday Greetings are Three Ways to Help Maintain A Valued Relationship with Clients

We offer a time saving service which rewards your business by making your customer’s feel appreciated.

Mailing out cards to clients offers business owners, account managers, and sales personnel a convenient way to show their appreciation to clients that goes beyond the spoken word. Sending a personalized note is a thoughtful and easy way to build strong and lasting business relationships.

You Work Hard for Your Customers

Customers are not easy to get and are not easy to please.  As a professional business person you work hard to get your customers.  For most businesses it is about 10 times easier to do business again with a customer you have previously established a rapport with.  This is why it is so very important to keep and build those relationships you have already made. That is why this simple service can be so important.

With our service we will set up a personalized system and make it easy to send at least four cards a year to your clients that you have done business with.  The card set we will set up for you is:

  • a “thank you for your business” card [popup url=””] – See Selections [/popup]
  • a happy birthday greeting card [popup url=””] – See Selections [/popup]
  • a holiday greeting card [popup url=””] – See Selections [/popup]
  • a Custom Card ( its a Custom Design – there are no selections )

If you have an idea for a different card subject or theme, please let us know.

How does it work?

  1. Let us know you are interested in using our service by submitting the form on the lower portion of this web page.
  2. We will contact you to find out how we can personalize our service for you.
  3. We will need to find out:
    • which card designs you choose from our selection of designs for a birthday greeting, a holiday greeting, and a thank you greeting.
    • what personalized greeting or message you want to use for the back side of each of the three card types and for your custom card message.
    • we will work with you to create a custom card design with a custom greeting.
    • we will need to find out what your schedule plans are for sending out the cards.
  4. Additionally, we will set up an online form for you to send additions and deletions to your list.  Also with this online form you can have us send out special mailings of the custom card.  ( example: invitation to a local seminar or time limited special )

We usually mail out cards weekly, the week before the date desired, according to your list requirements.

What are some of your concerns and questions ?

  1. Can I afford it? I might ask first can you afford not to use some system to show customer appreciation ? The cost on this one is lower than purchasing thank you cards from a local stationary store and then you still have to send all the cards yourself.
  2. I can just mail out cards myself. You could, but the real issue is will you? Since most business folks are just as busy as they can be, very few are able to find the time to send out thank you cards to their customers. Here is a system you can be sure of.
  3. How hard is it to make a custom card ? You can send all your instructions by email. We take your instructions and create a design which we put on a web page for you to review. As you review the design you can submit changes or confirm your approval. We do all this work for FREE. The only time you pay is when we start mailing out your thank you cards to your customers.

What kind of assurances are there for this service ?

You do not have to invest anything upfront to have us set up this system for you.  After it is set up and ready to make mailings, we will email a bill to you at the beginning of each month for the cards we are planning to mail out according to your list.  There is no long term commitment required so you can quit the service at anytime. This service requires a minimum of 25 cards per month for us to set it up.

Our current pricing for this service is $1.27 /card for a quantity of under 100 per month and $ 0.97 /card for quantities exceeding 100 a month.  This includes all the setup, customized design work, printing, postage, and mailing.  These prices are for mailing out postcards.  If you want cards mailed in envelopes the pricing increases by $ 1.00 / card.

After setting up your customized service, you will know this system is working to help keep your client relationships strong. Set it and forget it … and the system works for you letting your customers know you appreciate them and their continued business.


Lets get started!
( please use the following form to let us know you are interested in having this services set up for your business)

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PS: Don’t pass on this opportunity to make your customer’s feel appreciated! There is no risk.

If you do not want to use one of our card mailing services please consider using our FREE design service and have us design and print custom cards for you to send.