Drip Marketing Service for Restaurant Promotion

Direct Mail Drip Campaign for Restaurant Promotion

With our postcard drip marketing system you will be able to bring in new local customers and make those customers into repeat customers to promote your restaurant business.
Drip Marketing Service for Restaurant Promotion

Service Overviewdrip-marketing-150x150

  • We create postcards to advertise and promote your restaurant.
  • We mail 100 of these postcards a month to local customer prospects in your area.
    (Higher quantities can be set up – your choice)
  • These advertising postcards will offer an online discount coupon for use at your restaurant.
  • To get to the coupon the interested prospect will need to signup for your mailing list.  They will be enticed to signup in order to find out about future discount coupons.
  • Each month we will send out another 100 to a new set of prospects.

Through this process, you will:

  1. Acquire new local customers
  2. You will have a measurement for how effective this advertising is, because we will report how many people sign up for future coupons.
  3. You will have a list of customers that we can send email ads to offering specials that will keep them returning.
  4. Your monthly cost will be: $ 97  (with a minimum commitment of 3 months)

It is like a savings account in which you keep making investment deposits in for more new customers, who become repeat customers through lower cost email marketing.

You tell us what you want to say on your postcard, what kind of discount you want to offer, and give us some information to create a targeted mailing list. You will also review whether our design is the way you want it before we proceed with your campaign.

For your restaurant promotion we design your cards, print your cards, acquire a mailing list, mail your cards, set up an online coupon page which prospects can access through signing up for your email list.  We keep records of all signups to report back to you.  Then we are ready to work for you to send emails to make these prospects into repeat customers.

That is basically the how the service works.

So lets get started bringing new long term local customers to your restaurant.

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To get started just submit the following:


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